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This issue begins with the review article that discusses the predisposition to behave concept. The background of the writing of this article is the massive errors in the use of the concepts of decision, intention, willingness, expectation, and volition. The author details the appropriate research context for each concept. The second article is about the effect of good governance on company value by including audit quality as a moderating variable. Trust and image are discussed as the factors that influence preference in the third article. Its research context is three different online store formats, namely marketplace (Tokopedia), classified ads (OLX), and community-based store (Kaskus). The fourth article discusses the effect of work-life balance and job satisfaction on employee productivity. The research was conducted among employees of the special area of ​​the capital city of Jakarta. The fifth article discusses the adoption of OVO financial technology using the concept of innovation adoption. We have tried to present these articles as best we can. Hopefully, they are useful for the readers.

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Bilson Simamora, M.M.



Published: 2022-03-31