Algorithm Analysis Of Definite Integration By Using Desk Check Method


  • Rini Nooraini Program Studi Informatika Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kwik Kian Gie


We usually experience difficulties when determining output of a pseudocode algorithm, especially in
repetition control structure or nested loop algorithm. They are usually complicated. We got difficulties to
guess the logic or specifiy the output. For instance, what is the end result of the looping? Is it true or
false? Where is the start and finish point of the looping? Where is the boundary of looping body? Should
the looping continue or stop? Did looping occure during a boolean result or condition is true? Did looping
occure until condition is true? In addition to this, because of limitation human mind to remember or to do
the looping, we need some tools to analyze it. Based on the mentioned problems, author seek a design or
method, easy way to analyze variables either input or output variables along with the algorithm logic in a
algorithm psuedocode. This is the author’s purpose of designing table, which is called desk check. In this
case, function of the desk check is documenting the history of several changes from a number of analyzed
variables, either input or output variables along with logic by using table. The purpose of this article is
analyze the answer of Algorithm Design of Definite Integration by Using Flowchart Method, as well as
verification of example problem candidate, namely definite integration





Vol 2, No 1 (2013)