Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis, ISSN 2355-5181 (printed), ISSN 2723-2956 (online) published by Department of Communication Sciences, Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kwik Kian Gie, Indonesia. First edition published in 2013. In its first edition, this journal published in printed. By the provision of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (MoRTHE)- Kemenristek Dikti, it required that every journal that is published by higher education institutions, must be published in the online form.Therefore, In the eighth edition, and afterward, this journal published in a fully online form utilizing the Open Journal System (OJS). Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis is incorporate with Indonesian Communication Sciences Publisher Journal Association (Asosiasi Penerbit Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi Indonesia (APJIKI)). Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis published twice a year in May and November.

In each edition, Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis has received an article openly. The article will be reviewed by internal and external editors, at least one reviewers who have related expertise with double-blind peer review.

  ISSN : 2355-5181

e-ISSN : 2723-2956

DOI : 10.46806/jkb

Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis adalah jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kwik Kian Gie dengan PISSN 2355-5181 dan e-ISSN 2723-2956. Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis terbit dua kali dalam setahun, yakni setiap Mei dan November, dan telah terbit dalam bentuk cetak (buku) dan elektronik (PDF).

Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis berfokus pada penelitian yang berkaitan dengan sains komunikasi dan komunikasi terapan. Sehubungan di program studi Ilmu Komunikasi pada Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kwik Kian Gie terdapat dua konsentrasi yakni penyiaran dan komunikasi pemasaran.

Kunjungi pula kolega-kolega kami Jurnal Jurnal Manajemen, Jurnal Akuntansi,dan Jurnal Ekonomi Perusahaan.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.