The JEP (Jurnal Ekonomi Perusahaan, e-ISSN 2830-1560 p-ISSN 0854-8154) is published by the Business and Entrepreneurship Department, Kwik Kian Gie School of Business and Information Technology, Jakarta. As an open-access journal, JEP publishes research articles, brief communication, review article, and case studies around business and economics topics: entrepreneurship, family business, marketing, consumer behavior, finance management, human resources management, business, strategic management, economics, and accounting practices and theories. We encourage the author to send their manuscripts that contain original ideas or contributions about the topics. Due to its steady transformation toward a highly reputable journal, JEP applies international standards in the publication process. The author should ensure the article's writing quality. Every submitted manuscript must have passed Turnitin's plagiarism check with a maximum similarity index of 20%. A manuscript that is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English is welcomed. The editors or authors can translate the final version of a manuscript written in Bahasa Indonesia into American English. Every published article should have passed through an internal proofreader and plagiarism checking as the way to move toward highly reputable journal indexing.

Vol. 30 No. 2 (2023): September 2023 - Februari 2024

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