The JEP maintains that the publishing process is conducted ethically. Here are the ethics for the author, editor, reviewer, and journal manager. 


  • Reporting: Authors must provide information about the process and results of their research to the editor in an honest, clear, and comprehensive manner, and keep their research data properly and safely.
  • Originality and plagiarism: Authors must ensure that the manuscripts that have been submitted to the editorial staff are the original ones, written by themselves or with members, originating from their own ideas and ideas, and not plagiarizing other people's papers or ideas.   
  • Repetition of submissions: The manuscript submitted to the journal should have never be submitted to other journals.
  • Author status: The author has the competence or qualification that is in accordance with the field of the article.
  • Scriptwriting errors: Authors must immediately inform the editorial staff if errors are found in the writing of the script, both the review and the edits. If this happens, the writer must immediately propose improvements to the manuscript.


  • Publication decisions: The editor must ensure that the manuscript review process is thorough, transparent, objective, fair, and prudent. This becomes the basis for the editor in making a decision on a manuscript, whether it is rejected or accepted. In this case, the editorial board has the final authority regarding that decision.
  • Publication information: Editors must ensure that the manuscript writing guidelines for authors and other interested parties are clearly accessible and readable.
  • The division of the manuscript peer-review: Editors should ensure that the manuscript is clearly delivered to the reviewers and the process is informed to the author.
  • Objectivity and neutrality: Editors must be objective, neutral, and honest in reviewing, editing, and publishing the articles, regardless of gender, the business side, ethnicity, religion, race, class, and author nationality.


  • Objectivity and neutrality: Reviewers must be honest, objective, unbiased, independent, and only in favor of scientific truth. The manuscript review process was carried out in a professional manner.
  • Clarity of reference sources: The reviewer must ensure that the reference citation is appropriate and credible (can be justified). If errors or irregularities are found in the writing of the reference or quoted source, the reviewer must immediately inform the editor to make corrections by the author according to the reviewer's note. 
  • Peer-review effectiveness: The reviewer must respond to the manuscript that has been sent by the editor and work in accordance with the predetermined peer-review time (maximum 2 weeks). If you need additional time in the manuscript review, you must immediately report (confirmation) to the editorial secretariat.

Journal Manager

  • Decision-making: Journal managers and editorial boards must describe the mission and objectives of the organization, especially those related to policy and journal publishing decisions without any particular interest.
  • Freedom: Journal managers must give reviewers and editors the freedom to create a comfortable working atmosphere and respect the privacy of the author.
  • Copyright: The copyright of the published article follows the rules acknowledged in the open journal system where the published articles are owned by the author and readers have the right to read, download, and cite the article according to the publication provisions. The authors should ask permission from the Editor if they want to publish the articles in other media. Publishing in other journals is prohibited.
  • Promotion: Journal managers must publish and promote published articles to the public by confirming their quality.
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest: Journal managers must understand the ethics of scientific publication above to avoid conflicts of interest with other parties so that the manuscript publishing process runs smoothly and safely.

Chief of the Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bilson Simamora, M.M.