Focus and Scope

Jurnal Komunikasi dan Bisnis focuses on research related to communication science and applied communication. In connection with the Communication Studies study program at the Kwik Kian Gie Institute of Business and Informatics, there are two concentrations, namely broadcasting and marketing communications, so this journal accepts research articles related to these two fields. However, it is possible to receive articles from other research results as long as they are still relevant in the field of communication studies. To accommodate the study of communication outside of broadcasting and marketing communications, we provide two scopes in this journal, namely for the field of visual communication design and communication science, with various research approaches, namely: quantitative and qualitative methods.

The focus of the Communication and Business Journal has four scopes, namely:

1. Broadcasting and journalism;

2. Business and marketing communications;

3. Visual Communication Design;

4. Communication Studies.


Chairman of the Editorial Board,

Dr. Imam Nuraryo, M.A. (Comms)